Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Build Your Credit History

Even if you don't think your credit history is good, or if you don't think you have any at all, consider checking your credit report to find out just where you stand. You might be surprised. If you notice negative information on your report, confirm that that information is accurate. Most derogatory information, such as a loan payment that was 180 days late, must remain on your credit report for at least 7 years. However, if a negative record is not accurate, be sure to send a letter of dispute to the credit bureau that reported the error.

The next step in building or rebuilding your credit history is to get a credit card. You may have to start with a secured credit card, in which a savings account is used as collateral for your credit. Also consider special-interest cards that are oriented to your purchasing habits, such as a gas card or department store credit card. No matter what card you decide to get, be sure to read the fine print and watch for high APR rates, setup fees, annual fees, and short grace periods. Be sure to use your new card responsibly and make all your payments on time.

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