Thursday, June 11, 2009

Reasons for ID theft

Identity theft continues to be the most common crimes that are being committed in the United States of America. The dismal reality is that the number of identity thefts is increasing at a steady pace. A lot of people of all ages are falling victims to identity theft every year. There are many reasons defining the rise identity theft in today’s era. Here are a number of reasons for the increase of ID theft

The Current Economy

Experts affirm to the fact that one of the major reasons for the increase in this kind of crime is the current recession hit economy. Unemployment is one of the major problems people all over the world are confronting with today. It is becoming tough for people to make ends meet. Grievously, some of the people are electing to resort to illegal means of making money.

Increase in Drug Abuse

Another reason why identity theft is on the increase across the country is the augmenting number of youths who are using illegal drugs. Drugs and identity theft seem to go hand in hand. Many people end up using drugs and hence they seem involving themselves in different types of theft crimes, especially ID theft. In fact, statistics have revealed that majority of people who use are involved in theft crimes of different kinds, especially identity theft.

The Internet

Internet is a part of almost every home these days and the number of netizens is increasing with every passing day. Transactions are being made online, and an increasing number of people are being exposed to predatory identity thieves. The internet is a haven for unethical people who intend to steal identities. Even when a user is very vigilant and careful with his online credit dealings, it is still likely that the person falls victim to an identity theft.

Lax Security

Lamentably, many businesses are not fully secure and safe when it comes to protecting the credit related information of their customers. Lax security is yet another reason that contributes to the rise in ID theft. Identity thieves are able to gain access to personal and financial information from the businesses easily.

Consumer Carelessness

Another reason why ID theft is becoming a major crime lies in the fact that many consumers are a bit too careless when in managing their finances and personal information. Such people can have their identities stolen without even having a clue about what happened.

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