Monday, May 19, 2008

Should You Get a Credit Card?

If you don’t have a credit card, you may be wondering if getting one is the right move for you. After all, we have all heard the horror stories involved with credit card usage – it is certainly very easy to let spending get out of control and to find yourself buried in debt. At the same time, there are many benefits associated with using a credit card as well. Therefore, in order to determine if getting a credit card is a good move for you, you should explore the pros and cons of credit card ownership.

Benefit #1 of Credit Card Ownership: Convenience

One of the greatest benefits of having a credit card is the fact that they are so convenient to use. Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere and are much easier to keep track of than cash and checkbooks. When it comes to pumping gas, you don’t even have to go inside when you have a credit card!

Drawback #1 of Credit Card Ownership: Debt

If you aren’t careful about your spending, it is easy to get yourself buried in debt. Once you add finance charges to your debt, you can find yourself paying hundreds of dollars each month for the convenience of credit card usage. Research has proven that people spend more when they use credit cards – so be careful and monitor your spending if you decide to get a credit card.

Benefit #2 to Credit Card Ownership: Protection

Having a credit card provides you with extra protection that you don’t get when you make purchases with cash, checks, or even debit cards. In fact, you are legally obligated to pay only $50 if someone takes your credit card and makes purchases with it. In many cases, the credit card company will waive the $50 as well. In addition, several credit cards offer purchase protection, extended warranty coverage, and even insurance coverage when you rent vehicles or when you travel.

Drawback #2 to Credit Card Ownership: Taxes

When it comes to taking out a loan, using a credit card isn’t necessarily your best option when it comes to saving money. Even if you happen to get a pretty good interest rate on your credit card, you may be better off using a home equity loan if you are taking out a big loan. This way, you can deduct the interest fees on your taxes. The finance charges you pay through a credit card are not deductible.

Benefit #3 to Credit Card Ownership: Rewards

Most credit cards offer some sort of rewards program. If you pay your credit card bill off at the end of the billing cycle, you can completely avoid finance charges while earning rewards with your credit card. Depending upon how much you spend, you could potentially earn hundreds of dollars each year with rewards credit cards.

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