Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Selecting the Right Credit Card For You

If you are like most people, your mailbox is overflowing each week with credit card applications. It is no secret that credit card companies are actively seeking new credit cardholder and, as a result, many are offering some pretty good deals to those looking for a new credit card. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean all of the credit card offers are best for you. Therefore, you need to take a few things under consideration in order to make certain the credit card you apply for is the right one for you.

Take a Look at Your Financial Situation

Your current financial situation is one factor you should consider when trying to decide on the right credit card. If you have a tendency to carry a balance from month to month, for example, you should look for a credit card with a low interest rate. This way, you will pay as little as possible in finance charges each month.

Choose the Right Rewards Card

If you do pay your credit card in full each month, you should apply for a rewards credit card. With a rewards credit card, you will be able to earn points or other benefits every time you make a purchase with your card. These credit cards tend to have a higher interest rate when compared to non-reward credit cards, but that won’t be an issue if you continue to pay the credit card in full each month.

Of course, you also need to consider the type of rewards credit card you should apply for. By considering your lifestyle and examining your spending habits, you can choose the credit card that will provide you with the most rewards possible. If you tend to spend a lot of money at restaurants, for example, you should choose a rewards credit card that provides you with a greater return on these purchases and rewards you with gift certificates to your favorite restaurants.

Help Build Your Credit

If you have poor credit, you might want to consider applying for a pre-paid credit card. With a pre-paid credit card, you send money to the card ahead of time and the amount of money you send to the card becomes your available spending limit. These cards often have fees associated with them, however, so be certain to shop around in order to find the one with the lowest fees. In addition, make certain the card reports cardholder activity to at least one of the three major credit reporting bureaus. Otherwise, using the card won’t help you rebuild your credit. If the card activity is reported, on the other hand, responsible use of the card can help you rebuild your credit rather quickly.

Although many credit card offers may contain attractive introductory offers, you should take time to consider your options before you actually complete an application. In this way, you can find the credit card that is best suited to your lifestyle and that will help you keep your finances properly under control.

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