Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Does Checking My Credit Report affect My Score?

Checking your own credit report for personal use WILL NOT lower your credit rating. Times when credit inquiries do lower your credit reating include when a lender reviews your credit report when you apply for a loan or line of credit.

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There are a few items I call "credit report killers" that your clients should be aware of that can adversly affect their credit report and credit scores.

There really isn't too much room here to explain in detail but I have actually made a video about the top 10 credit report killers. This video was made form the .pdf version which I wrote.

In this video I answer the most common questions I get about information that appears on credit reports.

Specifically I cover information on Charge-offs, Collection Accounts, Judgments, Inquiries, Bankruptcies, Delinquencies,and more...

In the video Your clients will learn what each of these items are and how they can affect their credit report, as well as how long each item can remain on your credit report.

The video is very informative and is solid content for your readers and clients.

The Video is Free to Watch Here

The .pdf version you can download here Free

Credit Expert Frank Bruno

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